Influencer - Blogger - Photograph
I’ve been blogging since 2012.
I always had a thing for photography and fashion.
When I first heard about the concept of „blogging“, I didn’t really get how it works,
but it sounded kinda fascinating.
Blogging seemed like the perfect balance to my full-time job. So I decide to start with a visual-blog.
I started with Instagram in 2016 and to my genuine surprise I got a worldwide purview
really quick. Which gave me the opportunity to cooperate with international brands.
All this experiences showing me on daily basis, that it was
definitely the right decision to start a blog.
After seven years now, I recreated my blog. I‘m going to post
a mix of fashion, photography and lifestyle. I’m going to focus on high content.
This is the beginning of a new era – minimalistic, artistic and qualitative imagery.


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